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Hummingbird Nectar Freshness


We're often asked how long nectar stays fresh in feeders.

Nectar freshness levels are determined by the climate where the feeder is located and this applies to any nectar you put out in feeders (store bought or home made). In warmer or humid climates, you should be changing nectar every 1-2 days or so with cooler climates more like every 4-5 days. To avoid waste, we recommend filling your feeders only as full - so as they are being emptied by your hummingbirds at the appropriate time interval to change out.

Nectar Temperature Guidelines
Here are some guidelines to help determine how often to change the nectar in your feeder, to ensure you offer the freshest nectar on the block:

  • 60-70 degrees change weekly
  • 71-80 degrees change every 3-4 days
  • 81-85 degrees change every 2-3 days
  • 86 degrees & up change everyday to every other day

Locate Feeders out of Direct Sunlight
Feeders should be located in a shaded and well protected area out of direct sunglight to ensure you're offering the freshest nectar on tap.

Clean Feeders Regularily
Feeders should be cleaned thoroughly every time before replacing with fresh nectar. Be sure to clean feeders with water and vinegar or mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Keep a few different size brushes like bottle brushes, port brushes and a curled brush to get every nook and cranny where residue or mold can be hiding. Be cautious cleaning feeders with bleach or dish soap, if not washed thoroughly it can leave residue that can be harmful to your hummers.


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