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Made in the USA. Made to Invite Wonder.

Pop’s commitment to 100% Made in USA Manufacturing has led to the most innovative hummingbird products in the world.

From William O Sloan, “Pop’s” creation of the first ever Original Hummingbird SwingTM, to our specially-designed products and nectars, our mission is to make it easy for hummingbird lovers everywhere to experience the magic and wonder these special birds provide. Ready to invite wonder into your world?


About Pop's

Captivated by the mystique and originality of the hummingbird, William “Pops” Sloan began the quest to invite more wonder into the lives of birders everywhere, so everyone could experience the joy and awe of a hummingbird sighting firsthand. Thus, the hummingbird swing was born.

Do Hummingbird Really Swing?

Yes! Hummingbirds are very territorial and will use the swing to keep watch over their food!

Watch our videos to find out more!


Oct 8, 2023

When to Take Down your Hummingbird Feeders

By paying attention to behavior, local migration patterns, and climate conditions, we can determine the perfect moment to take down our hummingbird feeders. 

Jul 19, 2023

The Extraordinary Journey of Hummingbird Migration

Hummingbird migration is a testament to the resilience and determination of these tiny, vibrant creatures. The distances they cover and the challenges they face are truly awe-inspiring.

Jul 1, 2023

A Practical Guide to Cleaning your Hummingbird Feeders

When it comes to hummingbird nectar feeders, cleanliness is crucial. The sweet nectar can ferment and mold without regular cleaning, potentially causing health issues for the birds. 


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