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A Buzz-free Guide: Keeping Bees Away from Your Hummingbird Feeder

A Buzz-free Guide: Keeping Bees Away from Your Hummingbird Feeder

How to keep bees away from your hummingbird feeder

Hello, hummingbird enthusiasts! Pop's here to share our passion for all things hummingbird. As much as we love all creatures, we know that bees sometimes find their way to our hummingbird feeders and cause a little unintentional trouble. In our ongoing efforts to help maintain a harmonious backyard environment for everyone involved, I'd like to offer some helpful tips on discouraging bees from visiting your hummingbird feeders. Let's get started!

1. The Right Spot 📍

Location plays an important role in keeping bees at bay. Take a look at where your feeder is currently placed— if it's in a sunny area, or near a bright and buzzing garden, it might be time to move it. Bees prefer sunlit spaces, so try relocating the feeder to a shadier spot to lessen the bee-appeal.

2. Drip Control 💧

A leaky hummingbird feeder can attract a swarm of bees in no time. To prevent an upswing in unwanted visitors, make sure your feeder is free of drips that may entice bees.

3. Timing is Key ⏰

Feeding your hummingbirds early in the day can help to avoid attracting bees. Hummingbirds tend to be active throughout the day, while bees are more so in the afternoon. Fill your feeders in the morning, and consider taking them down during peak bee activity times.

4. Nectar Recipe Adjustment 🍯

There's a delicate balance between attracting hummingbirds and deterring bees. You may find that adjusting your nectar recipe can help. Experiment with using one part sugar to five parts water, rather than the standard one-to-four ratio, to make the nectar less appealing to bees, while still enticing to hummingbirds.

5. Red is the Way to Go! ❣️

Both hummingbirds and bees are attracted to brightly colored flowers — but when it comes to feeders, red is the key. Opt for feeders that incorporate red accents, as these colors typically attract hummingbirds more than bees. Avoid using yellow decorations, which can inadvertently draw in bees.

That’s it, my fellow hummingbird lovers! With these friendly suggestions, you can experience the joy of watching hummingbirds free of the distraction from buzzing bees. As always, let's maintain a respectful relationship with all creatures in our backyards. Wishing you success in keeping your hummingbird feeders bee-free. Until next time, keep enjoying the wonder of nature and happy birding!

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