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Where to Hang your Hummingbird Swing

Where to Hang your Hummingbird Swing

Hummingbirds often need time to notice the new placement of a swing. They are birds of habit, remembering food enriched environments. If you have regulars visiting your feeder or plants they may have already established a perching spot, especially if it’s towards the end of the season.

The best time to introduce a swing is at the beginning of the season, that’s not to say it couldn’t be done at any other time. Place your new swing about 1 foot away from their food source at eye level or that overlooks any nectar rich flowers and plants. This is to help them rest and conserve energy from flying back and forth from perch to food.

Still having trouble?

If your hummingbirds still have not yet noticed their swing, you can switch the placement of the feeder and the swing. Because of their great recall memory they will return to the spot where the feeder had been and see the swing instead. Don’t worry... they will find the feeder! This method just encourages them to notice the swing. Remember 1 foot is a good distance between swing and feeder. 

Don't place your hummingbird swing on a tree with the abundance of branches and potential perching spots they most likely will not notice the swing. 

Customers have also added a red ribbon or jewel to their swings. This is not always necessary, but we do have different styles of swings that offer a pop in color or charm to help grab their attention: Charm Red Swing, Charm Teal Swing, Ruby Red Jeweled Swing, Welcome Swing or the new Copper Swing.

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