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The Benefits of Hummingbird NECTARADE®: Nectar Nature's Way

The Benefits of Hummingbird NECTARADE®: Nectar Nature's Way

Hummingbirds have a selective palate when choosing a reliable food source they are claiming as their own. We wanted to create the best nectar available for hummers. So we bagged up the tasty essentials in their diet and created Nectarade! We only use the best ingredients when creating our concentrated mixture doing our due diligence in what would be the healthiest choice for our hungry hummers. 

This 1.5L bag can make an incredible 150oz. of nectar (which is equivalent to filling up your 16oz. feeder over 9 times to the brim... whoa!) Our Nectarade in its concentrated form reduces the overall shipping cost, removing the excess water weight. Don't worry though we kept you in mind with our easy pour spout to assist in making the perfect nectar. With your clean hummingbird feeder in hand simply fill with 1 part Nectarade and 2 parts water; now you have the most delectable nectar around!

What Makes our Nectarade so Irresistible to Hummingbirds? 

Well that's simple!!! It's our amazing selection of natural ingredients. We don't use harmful dyes, dyes are known to have no dietary benefits from hummingbirds and is solely used as an additive for attraction. Hummingbirds have no sense of smell using their keen eyesight to search for food. A red-colored feeder is highly recommended to attract their attention (which we also have available on our site). Adding colored dyes can potentially have negative effects on their health. Red dye #3 and #40 which are common additives in red nectar are researched to have negative effects in even human consumption, which in retrospect can't be good for their tiny bodies. 

There are no preservatives, although this can increase the shelf life of nectar we remained intent on providing a healthy food source for all hummers without preservatives. And we were able to do just that due to the unique packaging of our Nectar! Nectarade has an incredible shelf life if sealed and kept in a cool area out of direct sunlight can last several years (outside factors can change this estimate so always check quality before filling your feeder), while an opened Nectarade bag under the same storage conditions can last months (refrigerating an open bag can increase that shelf life, but is not required). This is successfully done with "NO PRESERVATIVES"! We found a safer alternative with our unique packaging style. Our vacuumed sealed foil packaging protects the nectar from common spoiling elements like air and light exposure, we still recommend storing the Nectarade in a dark place out of direct sunlight to reduce temperature changes. 

We use all-natural pure cane sugar. Pure cane sugar is commonly used in even homemade nectar recipes, studied as the best for hummingbird consumption which is why it's often used. And we only want the best! We went a step further and not only use pure cane sugar but use steam-distilled wildflower nectar extracts from their favorite flowers as a tasty choice for hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds lose a large amount of electrolytes on a daily basis during regular bathroom breaks. Although electrolytes are found in neighboring flowers, we wanted to create a fully beneficial recipe that helps your home be a hummingbird haven. Our recipe helps replace a loss in those electrolytes and increases hydration, especially on those hot days. 

Calcium deficiency is common amongst several bird species, especially in females as their diet requires more during egg production. Hummingbirds consume insects to maintain a healthy calcium level. This can consume much of their energy since hummingbirds have to swoop up insects similar to a pelican. If insects fail to provide the proper amount of calcium, hummingbirds are known to eat soil, sand, and other mineral-rich materials. To acknowledge and address this issue, our Nectarade contains calcium to assist in egg production and future hummingbird generations.

Hummingbirds take pride in protecting a reliable and favorited nectar-rich food source. We take pride in providing the best choice for you and your hummers. So spoil them rotten and get your Nectarade today!!!


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