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Original Series

Pop's Original Hummingbird Swing! Our Original and best selling Hummingbird swing available in 6 classic colors assortments! New with a bold fresh look thanks to our proud commitment to 100% manufacturing in the USA. The sleek design includes a common hang port for the swing on the top of the frame and classic scroll design. The metal frame is powder coated for outdoor protection and pairs well with our PolyPerch(TM) Dowel, made from recycled plastic materials and guaranteed to last a lifetime with POP'S 100% Lifetime Warranty Guarantee .

Do Hummingbirds Really Swing On It?

Territorial Creatures

Just place swing within a foot of a food source and hummingbirds will use the swing as a territorial perching spot to keep close watch over their guarded food supply!

Spend 80% Time Perching

Pro tip: Try moving the feeder a foot away and place the swing in its previous location. This will help hummingbirds discover the swing with their excellent recall memory!

Build a Sanctuary

Hang your swing in a well protected area. Provide an area to retreat to, such as tall flowering hedges, which will also provide a natural source of nectar and nutrients.

They will Come

Clean feeders regularly and provide fresh nectar every couple of days. Consider Pop's NECTARADE for added calcium, electrolytes and wildflower extracts.

Pop's Patent Pending Polyperch™

Pop’s commitment to 100% Made in USA Manufacturing has led to the most innovative hummingbird products in the world. Our Patent Pending Polyperch™ was specially-designed to give hummingbirds the most comfortable perch to rest while mimicking the look, shape and feel of what they seek in nature.

Pop’s commitment to 100% Made in USA Manufacturing has led to the most innovative hummingbird products in the world.

From William O Sloan, “Pop’s” creation of the first ever Original Hummingbird SwingTM, to our specially-designed products and nectars, our mission is to make it easy for hummingbird lovers everywhere to experience the magic and wonder these special birds provide. Ready to invite wonder into your world?

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